Root Canal and Gum Problems – Everything You Need to Know

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Typically, whenever you feel any pain or discomfort in your mouth, it can be easy to determine which tooth is causing it. But there are also times when the pain is more generalized and too difficult to pinpoint. This happens if there is an infection in the root canals of your tooth and in the gum tissues adjacent to it.

In this case, the infection might have started already in the pulp of your tooth or in your gums. Eventually, it will spread from one area to another. As a result, you now feel a confusing set of symptoms.

A thorough analysis by a reputable dentist in Indianapolis is imperative before any treatment will begin to determine the exact cause of the problem. This can also provide you with the best chance to save the affected tooth.

What Causes Root Canal and Gum Problems?

Have you experienced oral discomfort that is intermittent or dull or an insistent pain that is triggered by a stimulus? This could be pressure from biting on something, or temperature from cold or hot beverages and food.

These confusing symptoms can indicate several dental issues, including root canal and gum problems. Dentists emphasize that these problems should never be disregarded. If, for instance, you managed to ignore acute pain, this typically means that the infected tissue has died or perhaps the nerve is not functioning anymore. And this is when the problem can become more severe.

When the pulp tissue becomes seriously infected, the disease can spread through the openings. When left untreated, it can further spread to the periodontal ligament that anchors your tooth to your gum tissue and bone. Thus, the infection can spread to the gum tissue, causing periodontal disease. At this point, you’ll feel severe pain.

But the infection can also spread from the gums to canals or the small passageways in the tooth’s roots. When your teeth become fractured, the disease can spread even further.

How to Save the Affected Tooth

If your dental problem involves root canals and gum disease, it can be too challenging to save the affected tooth. Knowing where the infection started is crucial. If it started as a root canal problem that spread through your gums, the outlook for the tooth is positive if treatment is provided immediately. But when gum disease happened first, there is less chance of your tooth being saved. By the time the infection reaches your tooth, some bone may have already been lost, which makes the prognosis poor.

Whatever your case is, the cause of the pain must be diagnosed first to develop an effective treatment plan. The sooner the cause is identified, the better. An Indianapolis dentist emphasizes that root canal and gum diseases don’t heal on their own, so it’s best to see your dentist immediately.

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