Orthodontic Treatment

A misaligned bite can make you self-conscious about how you feel and can cause problems with your bite. Perhaps you have considered orthodontic treatment in the past, but felt discouraged by the thought of a mouth full of wires and brackets or long treatment times.

At Northview Dental of Indianapolis, we provide alternative orthodontic treatment for our teen and adult patients wishing for a properly aligned smile.

Post Root Canal Restorations


A Misaligned Bite


A misaligned bite not only affects your appearance, but also creates dental conditions such as decay. Overlapping teeth make it difficult to maintain a proper level of oral hygiene and can cause cavities between your teeth.

Additionally, a misaligned bite may create malocclusion, a poor bite that does not allow your teeth to come together correctly. Malocclusion can cause sensitivity, jaw dysfunction, and fractured teeth.


Six Month Braces

If you want to cosmetically improve your smile quickly, Six Month Braces by PowerProx provides outstanding results quickly. Treatment averages six months and your braces will be nearly invisible. Tooth-colored brackets and a clear memory wire move your teeth using constant low-force pressure. Treatment moves quickly due to the innovative memory wire technology. Instead of regular “tightening” appointments, the memory wire constantly guides your teeth to their ideal location.

PowerProx Six Month Braces work best for adult patients wishing to cosmetically improve their smiles. By moving only the teeth that are visible, we dramatically reduce treatment time compared to traditional orthodontics. Shorter treatment times may mean less expensive treatment for you.

We will schedule regular exams approximately once monthly to monitor your progress.

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Post-Orthodontic Maintenance

As with traditional orthodontics, you will need to wear an orthodontic retainer at night to maintain your new smile. Without a retainer, you could experience orthodontic relapse – your teeth drifting back to their original location.

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