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root canal treatment

We know the reputation that root canal treatment has because we see it on our patients’ faces when we diagnose them. We understand that for some people, certain dental procedures may cause anxiety, and that is why use compassionate, gentle care combined with the latest technology to offer you pain-free dentistry in our Indianapolis, IN dental office.

For those patients who need extra assistance when it comes to relaxing, we also offer sedation dentistry for your comfort.




Trauma, infection, and deep decay can all contribute to the infection of the soft tissue, known as pulp, inside your tooth. The symptoms of root canal infections vary widely and may even be asymptomatic for some time until the infection causes pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to take notice – something is wrong.

Other symptoms include:

  • sensitivity to temperature
  • tooth discoloration
  • a small bump on your gums
  • pressure

Contacting us at the first sign of symptoms is important because time is of the essence! If left untreated for too long, an extraction may become necessary.


painless treatment

Dr. Benson and Dr. Pasicznyk places your comfort as one of our top priorities at Northview Dental of Indianapolis. As with all procedures, we will monitor your comfort and make sure your tooth is numb for your root canal therapy.

We use electric rotary handpieces to remove the infection and diseased tissue from your tooth’s canal. This promotes better results and a more comfortable experience for our patients.

Once he removes the infection from your tooth, Dr. Benson and Dr. Pasicznyk will place medication in your root canal to assist with healing and seal it with a temporary restoration to keep out food and bacteria.


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