Sedation Dentistry

Fear of Dental Pain?

If you experience dental anxiety, you are one of millions of Americans who feel the same way. Some patients have had a negative experience in the past, while others may not be able to identify the cause of their fear.

At Northview Dental of Indianapolis, our professional and caring team is committed to providing you with an experience that will change your perspective. Not only do we treat each patient gently, with care, and how we would want our own families to be treated, but we also provide sedation dentistry for those patients who need help relaxing during their dental procedures.


Mild sedation

(Nitrous Oxide)


Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is an inhaled sedative designed to help patients relax during dental procedures. We administer it with a small nose mask and mix it with oxygen. Dr. John Pasicznyk can adjust the level of sedation you receive with the turn of a lever. It enters your system quickly and leaves your system quickly, allowing you to feel normal again just a few minutes after treatment.

Nitrous oxide helps patients to remain relaxed and calm during treatment and may even create feelings of euphoria. You will be conscious and completely aware during use.

Since nitrous oxide leaves your system quickly, you will be fine to drive home and continue your normal activities for the day. It is safe for most patients and so mild, we can even use it on kids!


oral conscious sedation

For patients who need additional help relaxing, have a strong gag reflex, or have difficulty getting numb for dental procedures, we offer oral sedation. Oral sedation requires the use of medication, administered in our office, to help you relax. Once it takes effect, you will typically feel sleepy and your time in the dental chair will seem to go by very quickly. Some patients are so comfortable they even fall asleep during treatment.

The effects of oral sedation are stronger than that of nitrous oxide and last longer. You will need someone to drive you home from your appointment and you should avoid operating a vehicle or making important decisions. Ideally, you should spend the remainder of your day relaxing. The effects will be completely out of your system by the next morning.

IV Sedation

Our most powerful form of sedation comes in the form of IV sedation. This is for patients with extreme anxiety. We offer this by bringing a board certified anesthesiologist into our office to administer sedation through an IV. The benefit of this method is that the anesthesiologist can control your sedation levels throughout your appointment, providing consistent levels of relaxation.

Contact our Indianapolis, IN dental office today to schedule a consultation with our team. We will collect a full medical history and discuss your concerns with you so that you can have the level of sedation that allows you to improve and maintain good oral health.


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